Wifi6 on Mobile Phone.

Wi-Fi 6 Introduction: The Internet is the basic need of everyone nowadays. Now that the coronavirus has confined us in our homes, we require high-speed Internet more than ever for our entertainment. Whether you use a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, there is one thing you need; a high-speed internet connection. Over the year’s Internet…

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How to enable Google tracking in Google Maps.

How to enable Google tracking in Google Maps 1. Open Google Maps and Select “your Timeline” on the right side 2. Click to open the menu (3 dots in the uppper right corner) then select “Settings” 3. Scroll down to “Position preference” 4. Turn on the “Location” 5. Make sure the “Location History is on”…

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Android Phone

Android Phone Pro’s and Con’s

Android Phone Pro’s and Con’sOne of the most confusing decisions for most smartphone users is “Which is better Android or iPhone?”. This is a question that does not have a simple straightforward answer because just like cars, computers, and clothes there is no one that is inherently better than the others. Ultimately it is up…

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